Additional Services

  • Furnace and duct cleaning
  • Get your vehicle ready for sale
  • Have you purchased a vehicle with smoke odour?
  • Have you purchased a vehicle that requires carpet/upholstery cleaning?
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning, (sofas, chairs, or vehicles)
  • Furniture upholstery that requires dry cleaning or a low-moisture cleaning process
  • Fine area rug cleaning
  • Application of Scotchgard, deoderizers, acidic rinse treatments (anti-browning process)

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning


We pre-spray the cleaning area and hot water extract after the dwell time. First Impressions Cleaning DOES NOT solution-mix the emulsifier in the fresh water tank. However, many companies do in order to save time and money. This is not the correct protocol to be followed. By doing this, it leaves the emulsifier in your carpet and/or upholstery. This causes rapid re-soiling conditions because of the residue left behind. It can also break the carpet/upholstery fibres down prematurely because of the abrasive action on the textile fibres. The analogy we use is this… It is like shampooing your hair and not rinsing! With our process, we extract the residue out of the carpet/uphostery with pure hot water extraction… This technique neutralizes the PH level of the textile, leaving it nice and soft. No crunchiness when dry!!